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Monthly Archives: August 2016


News: New Bright Dip Anodising Tank

After much hard work and testing, we're happy to announce that our brand new Bright Dip tank is almost up and running! Bright Dipping is a process for increasing the specularity or brightness of aluminium by leveling the microscopic roughness or “peaks and valleys” on the surface of the aluminium. Remember that the process can't [...]

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News: Introducing Dulux Rapidcure

Impreglon Australia is now providing our powder coating customer with the option to have their components coated with Dulux Rapidcure powders. Dulux Rapidcure is a tough thermosetting powder coating technology that exhibits decorative and durable characteristics suitable for a broad range of interior and exterior product applications where excellent overall performance is required. This innovative technology [...]

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Case Study: Powdercoating on Anodised Aluminium Castings

As anyone who has worked on surface coatings for cast aluminium will probably tell you, getting a coating to stick on the naturally porus and often contaminated surfaces can be a real chore. But with Impreglon Australia's highly refined combination Anodising and Powdercoating finishes, even the most difficult castings can be coated with ease. The key [...]

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News: E-coating for America’s Largest Motorcycle Manufacturer

Impreglon Australia is proud to announce that we've been chosen by one of America's largest motorcycle manufacturers to supply them with a unique coating process for a new range of wheels. Utilising both our E-coating and painting expertise, we have been working on prototypes for the company for almost two years. We are now very [...]

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