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Monthly Archives: November 2016


News: Impreglon to Help Upgrade Australian Army Communications

While we can't tell you too much at this stage, Impreglon Australia is very proud to announce that we will be working together with an international Aviation company and a team of Australia's best minds on a A$665.7 million contract to provide a next-generation communications system for land-based Australian Defence Forces personnel deployed around the world. Developed by an industry [...]

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Case Study: Playsafe Fencing

We're proud to be working with Playsafe Fencing, and Australian family business incorporated in 1982. Playsafe Fencing manufactures, sells, installs and hires fences and fencing materials across the Sydney metropolitan area and the greater Sydney regional area. They have also installed major projects in other states of Australia. Playsafe Fencing manufactures chainwire, tubular pool fencing, and tubular security fencing [...]

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News: Impreglon visits SFCHINA 2016 Expo

This month we'll be visiting SFCHINA 2016 – one of Asia's largest surface finishing shows – to keep up-to-date with all the latest developments across the industry. The 2016 show is being held in the Canton Fair Complex in Guangzhou, and it should be a great place to see all the cutting-edge technology that China and Asia has to [...]

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Case Study: Thermoplastic Coating for NSW North West Rail Link

Part of the NSW Government's commitment to improving the state's transport infrastructure, the North West rail link, or ‘Sydney Metro Northwest’ is the first stage of Australia’s biggest public transport project. The project involves the construction of eight new railway stations and 4,000 commuter car parking spaces, installing 23 kilometres of new track and rail systems and converting the [...]

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Case Study: Impreglon Upgrades Campbelltown Hospital Helicopter Pad

As part of Campbelltown Hospital's constant push to improve their services and facilities, it was deemed necessary by the board to upgrade their already world-class helicopter pad. Vital for sending and receiving critically ill patients, the upgrade had to be done quickly and had to be right on time, the first time. Any unplanned reworking would cost [...]

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Case Study: Wax Paper is No Match for Impreglon

Impreglon has been a coating supplier to the bakery industry for many years, offering high quality and service. So, when the industry reintroduced wax paper as a packaging material for certain bread loaves and realized they had a problem with wax build-up on the packaging line, they turned to Impreglon. Needless to say, Impreglon was able to propose a coating solution that worked the first time. The [...]

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Case Study: Declaring War on Bacteria with Antimicrobial Coatings

Germs and bacteria provide breeding ground for infectious diseases. Under the right conditions, they multiply at lightening speed and are transferred unknowingly from person to person. Everyone tries to protect themself from infection and disease. Impreglon has found a way to reduce or even eliminate the risk of infection. The solution to the problem is [...]

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