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Monthly Archives: March 2017


News: Impreglon Australia Attends Avalon Airshow

With the amount of services and finishes Impreglon Australia provides to Australian and international aviation and military manufacturing, we thought we'd treat ourselves to a few days at the famous Avalon Air Show in Victoria. With all the cool toys on display, it's very easy to forget that each and every piece of equipment requires the [...]

Case Study: Quality Acoustics and Splashdown

When you gotta go, you gotta call Splashdown Event Services. They're Australia's pioneers when it comes to dunnies. Specifically, portable vacuum toilets. If there's an Aussie outdoor event or festival where the toilets aren't medieval, you can bet Splashdown are behind them. Literally, and figuratively. With their partners in grime, Quality Acoustics, they approached us with a [...]

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Case Study: Hypertune Racing Parts

Car buffs are known for their obsessive attention to detail. Whether it's restoring antiques to showroom condition, or making their new car perform just the way they want it, they aren't the type of people who would willingly bolt on components that look second rate. So when Hypertune Australia approached us with a need for higher quality [...]

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Case Study: Duplex Coatings for Exercise Equipment

As anyone who's ever suffered through a gym obsession will tell you, the equipment in gyms gets treated about as well as your liver does on New Year's Eve. Moisture, sweat and rough treatment are just the tip of the iceberg. So naturally, they will reach a point where they'll need refinishing. Recently, we were [...]

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