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Monthly Archives: August 2017


Casestudy: Why Industrial Anodising is in our DNA

The Impreglon team is without question the most experienced industrial anodiser in Australia including the process of hard (low temperature) anodising. For over 15 years we were processing hundreds of machined components per day with some of the parts weighing over 10kgs each. Some of these parts were hard anodised, dyed black and selective powdercoated [...]

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News: Tanks Very Much. Helping Australia With Water Storage Solutions

Impreglon Australia is set to announce a new contract to coat the key structural elements of circular bolted water tanks, key pieces of infrastructure that serve Aussies every day with things like drinking water, fire fighting, storm water management and even effluent treatment. The process starts with mild steel components that are delivered to us [...]

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News: Impreglon Australia Celebrates Staff Anniversaries & Record Sales

July was a big month for Impreglon Australia in more ways than one. As any successful company will tell you, it's their staff that makes the difference between success and failure. And here at Impreglon Australia, we seem to have more than our fair share of good ones. We took a little time off last [...]

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News: Wollongong University & Impreglon Australia Discuss Partnership

After a kind invite by the team at the prestigious Wollongong University, Impreglon Australia's Senior Management Team spent a day with their R&D team discussing all things coatings, new innovations in the sector and the possibility of working together in the future. The University's areas of expertise include 3D printing, titanium anodisation, silver nano sheets and anodic [...]

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