Abrasive Blasting in Sydney

The use of mechanical pre-treatment to prepare a surface for subsequent surface coating is becoming a more and more important tool in our finishing service. Removal of rust scale and other surface contamination is the basis for a quality surface coating. Mechanical processes are more environmentally acceptable as, unlike chemical processing, they do not generate chemical waste products that are costly to treat for disposal.

Impreglon has a number of dry abrasive blasting options to remove surface contamination or produce a decorative finish. Blasting with compressed air and a suitable abrasive can produce a wide range of surface finishes from coarse to very fine. Typical media used can range from garnet and aluminium oxide through to glass beads.

Impreglon has an automated spindle shot blast machine where steel shot is propelled by centrifugal wheels that can economically process batches of components in a matter of minutes.

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Abrasive blasting being done on pan in Sydney

Contaminant removal

There are several variants of the process using various different media; some are highly abrasive, whereas others are milder.

More on Abrasive Blasting

Thickness: Very little material is removed (subject to abrasive selected).

Hardness: Can increase surface hardness on some metals due to peening action.

Gloss: Subject to the media used. Can range from very rough to smooth.

Toxicity: Approved for food contact.

Corrosion Resistance: Can remove surface contamination that may affect corrosion resistance.

Hydrogen Embrittlement: No hydrogen embrittlement on high strength steels. The blasting action may stress relieve parts.

Standards: There are standards for the blasting of steel components.

Cost: This can vary greatly depending on what process we use. Hand blasting large parts can become very time consuming with resultant charges. If the parts are suitable for our spindle blast machine, where less labour is required, costs are significantly lower. Please contact us to find out more.

Size limitations: Generally, Impreglon processes smaller components, but our maximum length is 5 metres long.

Distortion: Being a blasting process, there are limits on metal thickness as distortion may occur on thinner materials.

Recommended Uses

Blasting plays an important role in surface preparation on most metals. Whether it is subsequently coated with powder, E-coat or any one of our other quality finishes, the end product will benefit from this mechanical surface preparation. When processing aluminium and stainless steel components, the blasted finish may produce a quality decorative surface without any further processing required.

Before we process any work, we always provide a specification or a service requirement for the blasting so we can ensure our process meets all your needs, no matter how great or small.

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