ACO in Australia offers an extensive portfolio of stormwater, building drainage systems, cable pit and ducting systems, access covers and other niche drainage products. As part of this range of products, they mould a variety of large plastic ‘service pit liners’ for various drainage utilities. These pits are rotationally moulded, and their large size was resulting in slow cycle and mould release times. ACO’s challenge was that these cycle times were slowing down production times and the product itself was not releasing from the mould as quickly as they would have liked.

Impreglon Australia thoroughly investigated the issue and offered up a solution whereby the moulds were coated internally with a specialised quick release ‘slip’ coating formulated and applied by Impreglon themselves.

The project entailed blasting the convoluted die to give a fine finish. Then a Fluoropolymer coating was applied that would enable the moulded pit liner to be released from the mould much more readily and in a more timely fashion.

The project required a quick turnaround as ACO required the dies to be expedited back into service as soon as possible. Impreglon Australia not only managed this, but also solved ACO’s release problems, exceeding their requirements and bringing peace of mind back to their production facilities.

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