Clearly, the Australian e-coating industry is changing. As the Australian automotive industry continues to shrink, both e-coat customers and the processes’ raw materials are becoming harder and harder to find. With this scarcity of suppliers and a lack of work to be done, most e-coat applicators are having to scale back or are choosing to cease operations completely.

Except us. Thinking outside the square, Impreglon Australia has begun transitioning to a new UV-stable e-coat process that will service both the aftermarket automotive industry and architectural sectors.

The challenge here is that while traditional e-coating is perfectly suited to underbody automotive applications, any uses that see the old finish exposed to UV light over extended time periods will cause the coating to break down and go chalky.

With our new UV-stabilised e-coat finishes, this becomes a non-issue and makes e-coating ideal for anyone who requires e-coated components that need to stand up to the harsh Australian environment.

And this new UV-stabilised e-coating still retains all of the older processes’ positive attributes, too. It’s great for brackets, small components and threaded items as an e-coated finish is much thinner than other coatings and will not clog or block threads or small holes. No masking or plugging necessary.

Our chosen product is the Linway EC-7002 Acrylic Anodic Electrodeposition Coating. EC-7002 is a high performance anodic acrylic electrodeposition coating offering high gloss clear coatings with excellent image clarity, superior chemical and abrasion wear resistance.


• Exceptional levels of resistance to perspiration and sweat
• Excellent corrosion and UV light weathering resistance
• Superior chemical and abrasion wear resistance
• High performance hardness and solvent rub properties
• Medium and High build capability
• Low maintenance and high stability working solution


• Door Hardware
• Hinges
• Lock Parts
• Bicycle Parts
• Electronic Parts
• Lighting
• Spectacles
• Furniture Fittings
• Electrical Fixtures

As with our previous installation, we are running RAL9005 Black as our standard colour.

So if you’d like to discuss more on UV-stabilised e-coating or any of our other services, why not get in touch?

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