Car buffs are known for their obsessive attention to detail. Whether it’s restoring antiques to showroom condition, or making their new car perform just the way they want it, they aren’t the type of people who would willingly bolt on components that look second rate. So when Hypertune Australia approached us with a need for higher quality anodising, we knew our 50 plus years of experience would probably come in handy.

With their niche range of performance car parts for the aftermarket tuning and racing industry, they are one of Australia’s premier intake and exhaust manifold makers.

Hypertune were having the biggest issues with their black anodised intake manifolds. With a lack of consistency on colours and darkness across their black anodised product range, they were looking to solve the problem once and for all.

Our test samples went down a treat, and before long we were showing them just what a finisher with serious experience and an eye for quality can produce. And all this with turnaround times that were much quicker than they might have otherwise expected.

They were clearly impressed, and we’re looking forward to working further with Hypertune to help grow and improve their amazing range of engine tuning parts.

So if you think you may have a challenge that our unmatched anodising experience could solve, why not get in touch?

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