Atotech is one of the world’s leading suppliers of specialty chemicals, equipment, service and solutions for printed circuit board manufacturing and advanced packaging, as well as decorative and functional surface finishing.

But even with their obvious expertise, Atotech knows that when they need the best possible zinc flake coatings, Impreglon Australia are the experts. Thanks to this teamwork, Australia’s Wind Power Industry is now safe from corrosion.

The enormous wind power turbines that power the alternative energy industry are in excess of 100 metres tall with 45 metre blades that are held together by a variety of crucial fasteners. They range in size from M30 to M60 threaded high tensile rods and are coated using Atotech’s Zinc Flake process utilising their Zintek 200, Techseal Black and Techseal Silver coatings. As you can imagine, the quality requirements for such impressive pieces of machinery are sky high, with some even approaching levels only found in the aviation industry.

Wind turbine Bolts Zinc Plating

With approvals required from General Electric and Repower, the Zinc Flake fasteners coated by Impreglon easily exceeded the minimum required 1200 hours of Salt Spray Testing and exhibited no signs of corrosion even after 2000 hours of Salt Spray Testing.

Impreglon Australia, in partnership with Atotech, offer Zinc Flake as an environmentally friendly alternative to Zinc Electroplating. Zinc Flake is also very suitable for Acidic environments.

This is just one of many examples of Impreglon Australia’s world class, innovative coatings exceeding expectations and helping companies both here and overseas excel.

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