As anyone who’s ever suffered through a gym obsession will tell you, the equipment in gyms gets treated about as well as your liver does on New Year’s Eve. Moisture, sweat and rough treatment are just the tip of the iceberg. So naturally, they will reach a point where they’ll need refinishing.

Recently, we were approached by a large fitness chain to help them refinish their entire stock of kettle bells. They chose us due to our unparalleled ability to provide a vast range of finishes under the one roof. Looking at the bells, it was obvious that years of blood, sweat and tears have left them very much the worst for wear. The customer needed an aesthetically pleasing finish, combined with real impact resistance

Our suggestion was to supply them with a duplex, or combination finishing, process that would not only make them look like new, but also protect them for many more years to come.

After a full consultation with the company, it was agreed that Impreglon Australia would first shot blast the existing bells to remove all old coatings. Then we would E-Coat them to provide both corrosion resistance and a base coat for the final process, a protective thermoplastic topcoat.

The main challenge here was to insure the correct adhesion between the base substrate and the E-Coat finish while also making sure we didn’t overcure the coating in our ovens. The masking of the bells also needed to be clean and consistent, while correct application of the thermoplastic was required to make sure that it correctly crosslinked in the curing process.

The end result was another happy Impreglon Australia customer and a new lease of life for an army of kettle bells that could have easily ended up as scrap.

So if you think you may have a challenge that our Duplex Coating systems could solve, why not get in touch?

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