As anyone who has worked on surface coatings for cast aluminium will probably tell you, getting a coating to stick on the naturally porus and often contaminated surfaces can be a real chore. But with Impreglon Australia’s highly refined combination Anodising and Powdercoating finishes, even the most difficult castings can be coated with ease.

The key to the process is not to seal the anodising. This way, the anodic pores are left open giving something for the powder to adhere to. And the anodising treatment is also a very effective way to remove contamination from the casting’s surfaces.

Once dry, the castings are then powercoated, but this final step must be completed within 24 hours of the completion of the anodising. Keep the castings any longer than this, and the unsealed anodising will cause problems during the powder coating and baking following it.


World Class Anodising Line

Impreglon Australia’s anodising plant


So, how is this process used? For castings that will be used outdoors or in other tough environments, the combination of the anodising and powder makes for an unbeatably tough seal against the elements. And if you are also interested in how the casting looks in it’s intended role, powder is a great way to smooth over the usually rough casting surfaces.

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