When you gotta go, you gotta call Splashdown Event Services. They’re Australia’s pioneers when it comes to dunnies. Specifically, portable vacuum toilets. If there’s an Aussie outdoor event or festival where the toilets aren’t medieval, you can bet Splashdown are behind them. Literally, and figuratively.

With their partners in grime, Quality Acoustics, they approached us with a BIG challenge. And as you can see by the photos here, they weren’t exaggerating. The metal frame of their vacuum toilets was stumping surface finishers across the country. “Too big!” was what they were told. So after running out of options, they did what they should have done all along. They came to Impreglon Australia.

After a meeting of the minds, the finishing process was decided upon; zinc primer under a satin white powdercoat. And not only did we have all the required finishes and experience under one roof, our ovens were easily able to handle large components such as these, while also having the power to bake them to a guaranteed full cure temperature.

But we didn’t stop there. Their order size and timings meant they needed a large quantity of units completed in a very short amount of time. So we called on our second shift to help them out, and quicker than a tipsy festival goer slipping over in the mud, we had the lot done and dusted. Or should that be powder coated?

So if you think you may have a challenge that you’re busting to get some help with, why not get in touch?

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