Since their launch less than a year ago, AUS-ION pans have become incredibly successful among chefs, experts, and savvy home cooks in Australia, and they are showing the same early signs in the US.

It has been a great start for Australia’s new cookware industry, driven by innovation, quality and a real interest in healthier, more sustainable, professional cookware. Being solid iron, they work perfectly on any heat source, including induction. And we are proud to say that they were developed Down Under in conjunction with Impreglon Australia.

Abrasive Blasting of saucepans

Our abrasive blasting service removes surface corrosion and blemishes from the iron saucepan

In the R&D phase of the project, we looked at many different ways to deliver a consistent and high quality finish for the SOLIDteknics seamless formed-iron pans. The photos above and below show us trialing our abrasive blasting and vapour honing services as possible solutions to the client’s needs.

In the end, our automated shot peening machine was chosen to clean the pans, thanks to its ability to handle large quantities of work and produce a consistent finish first time, every time.

Vapour Honing

During the R&D phase, we also trailed vapour honing – another of our professional surface finishing services

But the real challenge for this project was yet to come. As those of us who are serious about their food will know, nothing beats food cooked in an iron pan. Especially steaks. But without a non-stick coating, food sticking to the pan’s surface can be a real problem.

So, how do you prevent this? Professional chefs will always ‘season’ their iron pans before they use them by sealing its surface with oil. But imagine if the pan came already seasoned? We did, and now every SOLIDtechnics pan that leaves our factory has been treated by using a specially-developed rice bran oil process that lets chefs get on with what they do best – making us happy.

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