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NEWS: Impreglon Samples Folders Now Available

After much hard work, we're happy to be able to offer our new Impreglon Australia samples folder to all interested customers, past, present or future. Filled with handy coating samples including swatches of our thermosplastic, blasting, anodising, Cerakote and teflon offerings, they are designed to be kept handy for quick reference should the need arise. No [...]

NEWS: Impreglon Visits Caravan Camping Lifestyle Expo

We took time out in October to visit the 2018 SYDNEY Caravan Camping Lifestyle Expo. Held at the Sydney Showground, it's a caravan and camping show held over 4 days and with over 150 exhibitors. Put simply, it's the ultimate way to check out the latest manufacturing and surface coating developments in Australian caravan and camping. [...]

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NEWS: Impreglon Visits Sydney’s Pacific 2017 Maritime Expo

October in Sydney saw the return of the Pacific International Maritime Exposition at the International Convention Centre. With so much to see and so many interesting brands and businesses attending, we just couldn't resist checking it out. Pacific 2017 is a global business event, attracting senior merchant marine, shore services, maritime and defence industry, military [...]

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Casestudy: Why Industrial Anodising is in our DNA

The Impreglon team is without question the most experienced industrial anodiser in Australia including the process of hard (low temperature) anodising. For over 15 years we were processing hundreds of machined components per day with some of the parts weighing over 10kgs each. Some of these parts were hard anodised, dyed black and selective powdercoated [...]

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News: Wollongong University & Impreglon Australia Discuss Partnership

After a kind invite by the team at the prestigious Wollongong University, Impreglon Australia's Senior Management Team spent a day with their R&D team discussing all things coatings, new innovations in the sector and the possibility of working together in the future. The University's areas of expertise include 3D printing, titanium anodisation, silver nano sheets and anodic [...]

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News: Impreglon. Australia’s Export-Quality Anodiser

While Australia's Impreglon has always been known locally for its quality, services and innovation, in the last few years we have been striving to get the word out to the rest of the world. And now, with our partnerships to many well-respected international businesses, that is finally happening. Of course, there's some details and names [...]

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News: Impreglon’s New Bright Dip Line Now Operational

We're very happy to announce that out new Bright Dip line is up and running. After extensive tests and checks, we are now ready to offer the service to you. Built from scratch, the set-up is a manual line that will be able to take care of all your bright anodising needs. For those not [...]

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Case Study: Impreglon’s Commitment to Quality

While finishing companies in Australia often talk about quality, it's hard to find real quality processes and procedures. In many instances, talk is all some quality assurance offerings are. Look at the details and you'll find a disturbing lack of real QA practices. But at Impreglon, we talk the talk, and walk the walk. The proof? [...]

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Case Study: MIL-SPEC Anodising

We think it's fair to say that our MIL-SPEC (or Military Specification) services are the ones that really make us feel proud. With a level of difficulty above and beyond most of surface finishing processes, it's not just any company that can claim to be able to do work to this standard. In particular, we [...]

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News: European Surface Finishing Tour

With an eye on keeping our surface finishing offerings at a world class level, we spent a few days in March visiting some of Europe's best finishing facilities in Germany. After looking at the latest technology and processes at our parent company's North German Luneburg plant, we then took time to visit some other facilities. The standout [...]

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