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Case Study: A Rethink Of The Australian E-Coating Industry

Clearly, the Australian e-coating industry is changing. As the Australian automotive industry continues to shrink, both e-coat customers and the processes’ raw materials are becoming harder and harder to find. With this scarcity of suppliers and a lack of work to be done, most e-coat applicators are having to scale back or are choosing to [...]

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NEWS: Impreglon Visits Caravan Camping Lifestyle Expo

We took time out in October to visit the 2018 SYDNEY Caravan Camping Lifestyle Expo. Held at the Sydney Showground, it's a caravan and camping show held over 4 days and with over 150 exhibitors. Put simply, it's the ultimate way to check out the latest manufacturing and surface coating developments in Australian caravan and camping. [...]

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NEWS: Impreglon Stands By EU ROHS Coating Systems

Impreglon Australia is proud of our continuing adherance to the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive of 2003. This directive restricts the use of six hazardous materials in the manufacture of various types of electronic and electrical equipment. It is closely linked with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive which sets collection, recycling and recovery [...]

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News: Impreglon Australia Attends Avalon Airshow

With the amount of services and finishes Impreglon Australia provides to Australian and international aviation and military manufacturing, we thought we'd treat ourselves to a few days at the famous Avalon Air Show in Victoria. With all the cool toys on display, it's very easy to forget that each and every piece of equipment requires the [...]

Case Study: Duplex Coatings for Exercise Equipment

As anyone who's ever suffered through a gym obsession will tell you, the equipment in gyms gets treated about as well as your liver does on New Year's Eve. Moisture, sweat and rough treatment are just the tip of the iceberg. So naturally, they will reach a point where they'll need refinishing. Recently, we were [...]

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News: E-coating for America’s Largest Motorcycle Manufacturer

Impreglon Australia is proud to announce that we've been chosen by one of America's largest motorcycle manufacturers to supply them with a unique coating process for a new range of wheels. Utilising both our E-coating and painting expertise, we have been working on prototypes for the company for almost two years. We are now very [...]

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Case Sudy: E-coating for mining

The mining industry has been the cornerstone of the Australian economy for the past two centuries. Steel is a key element used in the construction of underground mines. Typical uses include ore/coal handling infrastructure, the provision of critical services including power, water, compressed air and ventilation, plus the structural support of the underground excavations. These [...]

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Case Study: Hong Kong Old Central Police Station

When the Hong Kong authorities decided to redevelop the Old Central Police Station Complex (CPS), they turned to Impreglon to solve a major finishing problem. The CPS project is a significant undertaking supported by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and is intended to transform a collection of historically significant buildings into a centre [...]

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Case Study: Automotive Engine Mounts

Harrington Industries has been manufacturing stamped metal products for nearly a century. Their metal pressing and steel stamping facility located in Padstow, Sydney, has produced parts for some of Australia's most prominent corporations, including Electrolux, Victa Lawnmowers, and many of Australia's automotive manufacturers. To fulfil a contract for one of these companies, Harringtons was looking to Electrophoretically Paint (or [...]

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