For the good of our planet and our customers, too.

Impreglon Australia cares about the natural environment and we are committed to protecting it for current and future generations. To honour these commitments, we will soon achieve ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification, ensuring all our actions are for the good of the planet and our customers, too.

Impreglon Australia is committed to minimising its impact on the environment. We respect ecological, legal and ethical principles and national and cultural individualities and values. Our guiding principles are based on mutual respect and a sense of responsibility towards our clients and partners.

“Mutual respect and a sense of responsibility.”

Our suppliers are tasked with moving over to water-based coatings and away from solvent based coatings. Where possible, we have installed and will continue to install energy efficient equipment to reduce energy usage and hence our carbon footprint. Recycling is carried out whenever possible.

We work with our clients to utilise reusable packaging, preferably compartmentalised crates and boxes that do away with the need for individually wrapped components. What little waste we produce is removed and disposed of professionally and in accordance with appropriate regulations.

Investment in new plant and equipment includes the latest generation metal and ceramic extraction and filtration system designed to keep Impreglon Australia at the forefront of environmental legislation.

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