Impreglon Australia is proud to announce that we’ve been chosen by one of America’s largest motorcycle manufacturers to supply them with a unique coating process for a new range of wheels.

Utilising both our E-coating and painting expertise, we have been working on prototypes for the company for almost two years. We are now very happy to announce that the project is set to go into production.

Starting with cast aluminium wheels that have already been painted and then machined, we first E-coat the items ensuring that the finish only adheres to the fresh aluminium surfaces. Once the finish is baked and cured, we then apply a final orange stripe to the wheel’s outer edge using a bespoke and specially developed turntable process that ensures a perfectly even and symmetrical line first time, every time.




And while the process was also trialled with other surface technology companies worldwide, the American giant chose to go with Impreglon Australia for our unparalleled ingenuity, quality finishes and outstanding R&D capabilities.

We’re extremely proud to be able to offer our services to a legendary American manufacturer such as this, and see it as not only a feather in our own cap, but as testament to the quality and ability of Australian manufacturing as a whole.

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