When the Hong Kong authorities decided to redevelop the Old Central Police Station Complex (CPS), they turned to Impreglon to solve a major finishing problem.

The CPS project is a significant undertaking supported by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and is intended to transform a collection of historically significant buildings into a centre of heritage, arts and leisure facilities for the local community and visitors.

The architectural team on the CPS project had the challenge of the conversion of old historical buildings with the construction of a new building that would be complementary. The final design for the new buildings was a unique construction, clad in large aluminium blocks that reflected the original stone block construction of the heritage buildings on the site yet was very contemporary in its design.

The design team settled on a low pressure aluminium cast block which measured some 1200x300x300 mm and weighed approximately 50 kg. The problem: How do you treat the product to achieve the required service life and still obtain the finish specified by the design team? They were after an appearance that looked like a stainless steel casting but rejected the obvious finishing methods of metallic powder coating or wet spraying as they were not achieving the required look.

Hong Kong Central Police Station.

The original thought was to anodize the part. But anodizing such a casting to meet an architectural corrosion resistant performance, and achieve the surface finish required, proved such a challenge that of the 60 companies around the world that were approached, 30 said that it could not be done. Of the remainder, many submitted samples for consideration but failed to achieve a satisfactory corrosion resistance or desired appearance.

Then Impreglon Australia took up the challenge. After trying a number of anodising techniques, all which performed poorly in accelerated corrosion testing, they developed a new and unique approach. The proposed solution not only met corrosion specifications but produced a finish to the designer’s strict requirements.

A special plant was constructed to produce the finish. The Hong Kong design team sees this building as a landmark project that will attract worldwide attention with its iconic design and hopefully lead to further use of the bespoke Impreglon Australia coating.

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