Impreglon Australia is happy to announce that we are now stocking a full range of military colours in both powder coating and Cerakote finishes. If you have work that’s urgent and waiting isn’t an option, we’re here to help. We’re also open to larger, long-term work. Our large colour range includes Olive Drab, Dark Earth and Matt Black across both powder and Cerakote shades.

And with an exhaustive list of past military projects, we’re more than capable of supporting all your MilSpec coating applications both now and in the future. No matter how tough the spec may be, or how high the finish quality required, we’ll be happy to help. We’re also able to handle any and all civilian jobs that might also require similar finishes.

Interested? We’re happy to supply sample panels of any coatings or processes that you may require, along with data sheets, factory inspections and site visits. Impreglon Australia also has one of the sector’s foremost R&D records, with the ability to problem solve and think outside the square for almost any surface finishing application.

When it comes to Cerakote, we’re proud to say that we are one of Australia’s largest Cerakote service providers. If a quality Cerakote finish is what you require, we’d be happy to help make the project a success.

So if you’d like to discuss more on MilSpec-related surface finishing, military applications or any of our other services, why not get in touch?

Call us on +61 2 9603 2388 or contact us to find out more.