Mass Finishing Basics

The mechanical process of refining the surface of a product by tumbling work in a suitable media is a long established finishing process. Generally, the work is placed in a barrel or vibrating tub with an abrasive media which can be anything from coarse ceramic abrasives to highly polished steel balls resulting in either metal removal or polishing. The process is most often wet, with chemicals added to the process to assist in the finishing.

Our equipment ranges from small rotating barrels to large vibrating tub machines which give us the ability to process anything from small to large parts.

Although the processing times can run into hours, it is a very efficient, low cost method of mechanical finishing. Near any metal can be treated by this process. Plastic or ceramic components can also be polished.

The finish achieved by this process may be the final finish or followed by subsequent finishing, such as anodising or e-coating.

Why Choose Us?

  • Five different mass finishing options, including vibratory tub, donut, and barrel.
  • One of the largest mass finishers in Sydney.
  • Our wide range of finishing options means we can mass finish and then anodise or e-coat components.
  • A true ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your coating needs.


Brackets undergo mass finishing

Processing can be done in batches or using a continuous method.

Various types of abrasive media.

Various mass finishing media

The various media options are designed for four things: cut, luster, part separation, and surface scrubbing. The media comes in a wide range of materials in order to fulfill various needs.

More on Mass Finishing

Thickness: Metal removal is subject to the abrasive used and time processed. It can be considerable.

Uniformity:  Generally more metal is removed from edges and outer surfaces than recesses.

Gloss: Subject to abrasive used – ranges from flat to polished.

Toxicity: Subject to metal processed.

Hydrogen embrittlement: No hydrogen embrittlement on high strength steels.

Cost: Subject to processing times. But generally considered to be a low cost finish. Please contact us to find out more.

Size limitations: Generally this process is suited to smaller parts, but in our larger machine we have process parts weighing in excess of 10kgs.

Recommended Uses

Mass finishing is an important tool in the metal finishing industry and finds applications in near all engineering fields, castings, pressings, tube and sheet metal can be mass finished.

Before we process any work, we always provide a specification or a service requirement for the mass finishing so we can ensure our process meets all your needs, no matter how great or small.

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