Services for the medical industry

Supplying surface finishes for the medical industry, be it for tools or other high tech equipment, can test many surface finishers. Often, the customer’s needs regarding cleanliness, contaminants and consistency can provide too big a challenge for an industry that’s more used to grease and grime than spick and span.

At Impreglon Australia, we have some very solid experience with metal finishes and coatings for the medical industry. We also understand the challenges of supplying finished components into clean and sterile environments. No matter what the requirement you have or what the challenge you face, we’re confident that we will be able to provide a solution that will not only meet your requirements, it will exceed them.

Below you will find some handy information that demonstrates our medical metal finishing knowledge and should aid you in making the best choice for your next medical project.

Why choose us?

  • Ability to achieve high levels of appearance and specification tolerance.
  • Superior problem-solving capabilities and ability to think outside the square.
  • A global supplier with industry credibility, world-wide connections and superior experience.
  • A true ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your coating needs.

Popular Medical Services

With thorough experience in the medical sector, we are more than capable of looking after all your medical metal finishing needs. No matter what the application you have in mind, or how challenging your task may be, we’ll help you out with quality finishes you can rely on.

To the right you will see the top two services we’ve nominated for our medical customers. Of course, we can provide you with just about any surface finishing you may require, but this is a great place to start.

Anodising of aluminium is an electrolytic surface treatment process where the work is made anodic in a acid solution. This is normally sulphuric acid, but this can be replaced with other acids for specialised coatings. The process is unlike other finishing methods. Where most processes coat the surface with an organic or inorganic deposit, anodising is a conversion of the base material itself to form a protective oxide coating.


This finish also goes by the names Silk Etch, Vapour Blasting, Slurry Blasting, Aqua Blasting and Wet Blasting. It is a blasting process where a slurry of water and an abrasive that is pressure boosted with compressed air is pumped through guns onto the part being processed. The choice of abrasive can produce finishes from a semi-bright to a textured finish.


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