Impreglon has set a significant milestone with its new process for mounting fittings on transverse beams in the Mercedes-Benz A-class and B-class series. Instead of screwing the fittings onto the transverse beam, they are now glued on. This makes processing of the transverse beams easier and better, and it reduces the fuel consumption of the vehicle.

Innovative process with two distinct advantages

Impreglon worked on the new adhesive system from early efforts in mid-2010 through readiness for serial production. The new process has been used as standard for all A-class and B-class models since 2011. It has two benefits that the old screw system did not have:

1. The transverse beams remain reliably and silently connected to the fittings, even when the vehicle has a very long serviceable life.

2. Because the screws are eliminated, the vehicle weighs less and consumes less fuel.

40,000 parts in 13,333 automobiles per week

Impreglon is now applying the new coating to 40,000 parts for over 13,000 cars every week. The beams are washed, degreased and coated with a zircon- based primer. Then the powdered adhesive is applied. During final assembly at the Daimler plant, the hardened adhesive is partially activated with heat so the plastic parts can adhere to the transverse beam.

The new adhesive process for fittings in the Mercedes-Benz compact class is one more chapter in the success story of Impreglon.

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