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There’s few greater challenges for a metal than to survive a mining environment. If you’re ever underground in a mine, take a look around. Chances are you’ll see very few pristine metal surfaces. The more likely sight is that of water, rust and corrosion. Mining is unbelievably tough on metals and their finishes. It’s not uncommon to hear stories of metal components in mines being replaced on a monthly basis due to their inability to withstand the environment.

But at Impreglon Australia, we have over 10 years of experience with mining environments. No matter what the requirement you have or challenge you face, we’re confident that we will be able to provide a solution that will not only meet your requirements, it will exceed them.

Below you will find some handy information that demonstrates our mining metal finishing knowledge, and should aid you in making the best choice for your next mining project.

Why choose us?

  • Over a decade’s worth of experience working in the mining sector.
  • Aggressive environment experience. We understand what’s involved.
  • Stringent testing capabilities.
  • Able to supply to mining’s tough 24/7 demands.
  • A one-stop-shop for all your metal finishing needs.



Corrosion and Mining

Impreglon Australia has extensive coating experience in mining environments aimed at countering all types of corrosion.

With Impreglon Australia’s coatings know-how, metal components used in mining environments can have their useable lifetimes increased from weeks to months or even years.

Popular Mining Services

With solid experience in the mining sector, we are more than capable of looking after all your metal finishing needs. No matter what the application you have in mind, or how aggressive the environment may be, we’ll help you out with quality finishes you can rely on.

To the right you will see the top three services we’ve nominated for our mining customers. Of course, we can provide you with just about any surface finishing you may require, but this is a great place to start.

It is often said that E-coating is one of industry’s most efficient coating methods. The process allows parts to be uniformly coated in seconds with tough, chemically resistant materials. These coatings are deposited from a water-based solution using a high voltage DC charge. The process coats all wet surfaces with a highly corrosion resistance surface finish that is unlike any other finishing process. The automotive industry has long been a user for the undercoating of car bodies and it is largely responsible for eliminating rust in modern vehicles.


Thermoplastic coatings are similar to powdercoating in that they can also be applied in an electrostatically charged powder, amongst other techniques. They are also quite different, due to the fact that thermoplastic coatings do not ‘set’ when heated, and can therefore be repaired with heat. Many forms of plastic can be applied as a decorative or protective coating on metal parts.


Zinc coatings contain zinc and aluminium powders in the form of very small flakes which overlap to form a highly efficient galvanic coating. Common parts coated include nuts and bolts, and other small metal components processed in bulk, to larger parts that are sprayed with conventional spray guns. Many of these coatings can be top-coated with special sealers to further enhance the corrosion performance. These top coats can also be coloured if your job happens to require it.


Case Study: E-coating for Mining

Impreglon Australia has successfully coated materials which have been installed in underground mines all across Australia.


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