With the amount of services and finishes Impreglon Australia provides to Australian and international aviation and military manufacturing, we thought we’d treat ourselves to a few days at the famous Avalon Air Show in Victoria. With all the cool toys on display, it’s very easy to forget that each and every piece of equipment requires the best surface finishing  to be able to perform as expected first time, every time.

Impreglon Australia is lucky enough to be able to call quite a few of the brands on display our clientele. Some of the many services we provide to them include hard black anodising, clear anodising, E-coat, chromate conversion coatings, steel shot and glass bead blasting, along with many other quality surface finishes.

We took some snaps while we were down there. Unfortunately most of them include Dale Kirkwood, our Commander in Chief. But we thought you’d be more interested in the hardware. Enjoy!

So if you think you may have aviation or military surface finishing job you’d like our professional opinion on, why not get in touch?

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