We took time out in October to visit the 2018 SYDNEY Caravan Camping Lifestyle Expo. Held at the Sydney Showground, it’s a caravan and camping show held over 4 days and with over 150 exhibitors. Put simply, it’s the ultimate way to check out the latest manufacturing and surface coating developments in Australian caravan and camping.

There is undoubtedly a boom in local manufacturing for this sector, fuelled by the increasing amount of people wanting to discover the rugged and often unseen Australian Outback and all its natural beauty.

It was great to chat with these local Australian manufacturers regarding their powder coating, anodising and e-coating requirements. As they will no doubt tell you, harsh Australian conditions means that they need to work with a surface finishing company who understands what that means for quality coating requirements and who can also offer meaningful local warranties.

So if you’d like to discuss more on tough outdoor surface finishing, military applications or any of our other services, why not get in touch?

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