Our Mission Statement:

“To innovate and provide world-class quality metal finishing which consistently exceeds the expectations of our customers and stakeholders.”

Today and Tomorrow

Impreglon Australia is an international company with 35 years experience in the metal finishing industry both locally and abroad. We provide high quality, worldwide quality coatings to the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, construction, mining, automotive, medical, architectural, engineering, electronic and defence sectors. We have the personnel and facilities to provide a broad range of coatings for any size project with proven quality and reliability.

Impreglon develops single and combination coatings that are designed for specific applications and are based on fluoropolymers, metals, plastics, ceramics, nanostructures and powdercoatings. They can be used to optimise traction properties, protect against corrosion, give parts non-stick properties, improve their physical appearance and better their resistance to wear.

We pride ourselves on new and innovative solutions to the challenges our customer’s provide. This is why we created our own Special Operations division. As key part of strong, communicative team they work closely with both internal staff and external customers to offer world-first finishes for our clients.

Impreglon Australia is part of the Global Impreglon family. We have our own plants in over ten countries. We consider our international presence as essential in order to be right where our customers need us, to offer a consistently high standard of quality industrial coatings right around the world. We also rely on this global experience to move us forward as it allows customers just like you to benefit from a brains trust that’s one of the world’s largest.

In addition to developing and applying coatings, Impreglon handles all of the other services required by its customers, from procurement to warehousing and delivery of the finished components. We call this one-stop shopping.

We were proud to open our new, state-of-the-art facilities here in Minto in April 2015. With the continued support of valued customers just like you, we are planning many more years of service, dedication and innovation to all the industries we serve.

A Proud History

Impreglon Australia was once known as Finished Products Pty Ltd. Started in Skinner Avenue, Punchbowl, in 1980, the company grew to the international business you see today after 35 years of hard work by its many employees, both past and present.

Finished Product’s founder, Garry Jones, spent his formative years as Chief Chemist and Lead Project Developer at Raynors Pty Ltd, which was owned by Adelaide Steamship – one of Australia’s largest industrial conglomerates which at one point in time took in David Jones, Woolworths, Metro Meat, and beer and wine company Tooth & Co.

Finished Products moved from Skinner Avenue to Moxon Road, Punchbowl, in 1990. Then, in 2004, they moved again to to Moorebank, when they were purchased by Impreglon.

In 2015, Impreglon was purchased by Aalberts Industries – a technology company employing some 14,700 staff that operates from more than 200 locations across 30 countries.


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We’re open Monday to Friday 7am to 4pm.
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Capability Statement

Impreglon Australia is proud to reveal its new, 2017 Capability Statement document. Designed in response to the barrage of questions we receive on a daily basis, this is a go-to guide for all our customers, both current and future, who need a quick reference on what the services we offer. Click here to download.

Plant & Equipment

Our Clients

“Impreglon Australia are part of an international company that has access to technical support and expertise from all over the world. This is demonstrated by the quality and performance of the products they’ve supplied to us.”
Marshall Harrington, Harrington Industries
“They are very flexible and easy going. If I need anything urgently, it’s done. Their quality is very good and their lead times are alway great. They are happy to fit to our schedules and are always willing to cooperate. They once even offered us some of their staff to help us out. Ingal Civil is a very happy Impreglon customer.”
Tad Jarominek, Ingal Civil
“Impreglon are very good at what they do. They understand our needs and work hard to improve their processes and materials to add value to our products. Responsiveness to problems is one of their strengths and nothing is ever too much trouble.”
Jon Maddox, Actron Engineering

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