One of Impreglon’s key partners in providing quality coatings is ELITE Surface Technologies. ELITE Surface Technologies Pty Ltd is an Australian owned surface treatment & specialty chemical coating supplier/manufacturing company servicing the electroplating, galvanizing, powder-coating, aviation, mining, steel coating and transport industries throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Specializing in innovative green technology, their products are a mixture of locally designed and manufactured pretreatment and specialty coating technologies that also includes a wide range of supporting chemical product affiliations from international based chemical supply partners.

Since its establishment in 1999, ELITE Surface Technologies has become a fast growing company in the Australian chemical industry focusing on the commitment to provide quality products and exceptional customer service.

Elite currently supply the Iron Phosphate for Impreglon Australia’s paint line, the WF55 Degreaser for the glass bead blasting line, and the non-chrome passivate Iridite NCP for the aluminium line.

We receive great technical and laboratory analytical support from Elite, plus they are one of the few Australian companies with NATA Certified corrosion testing, all of which assist Impreglon in meeting the high quality standards demanded by our customers.

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