Pentair Valves & Controls is a global leader in designing and providing engineered flow management solutions to industries around the world. Their Customers that want to maintain safe, efficient, profitable and sustainable operations rely on Pentair’s engineered solutions. And when Pentair want the best coating for their engineering, they come to Impreglon Australia.

As part of their product offering, Pentair produce a range of advanced aluminium valve actuators. Due to the demanding requirements of these valve components and their tolerances, the parts were specified with a hard anodised finish on the internal bore and a special chemical resistant epoxy decorative powdercoating on the external surface.

So, when they needed the job done right first time, every time, they came to us to have their requirements met.

Their strict specifications called for the epoxy coating to be applied within 24 hours of hard anodising. Additionally, no epoxy was to be deposited on the working surface or blocking the many tapped holes in the elaborate and expensive valve body components.  The Impreglon team developed a range of special fixtures and unique production methods that enabled this tight specification to be achieved repeatedly.

Once again, Impreglon Australia had done what others had deemed impossible and helped Pentair grow their business through innovative solutions to the world’s trickiest coating challenges.

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