Harrington Industries has been manufacturing stamped metal products for nearly a century. Their metal pressing and steel stamping facility located in Padstow, Sydney, has produced parts for some of Australia’s most prominent corporations, including Electrolux, Victa Lawnmowers, and many of Australia’s automotive manufacturers.

To fulfil a contract for one of these companies, Harringtons was looking to Electrophoretically Paint (or E-coat) some engine mounting components. Their challenge was that there was simply no one in New South Wales who could coat these components. In fact, the only plant they could use was in Melbourne. Of course, shipping the components over such vast distances meant that the components would become too expensive.

Then we stepped in to help.

Toyota Engine Mounts

Impreglon Australia designed, built and installed an automatic E-coat line in our Sydney plant to accommodate these components. Purpose-built racks were also designed and manufactured to ensure the strict quality standards of the automotive industry were upheld whilst allowing production efficiencies to be optimised and costs were kept low.

Since the first engine mount was E-coated in our plant many years ago, hundreds of thousands of units have been processed through us, along with the various other automotive components. Impreglon Australia is proud to be involved with the local automotive industry, and we hope to continue our relationship with ‘the big three’ for many years to come.

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